The Center for Independent Living

of Middle Tennessee

by the people,

for the people

Metro  Govt., Nashville Electric Service (NES), Metro & Davidson Co. Schools, Vanderbilt University & VU Medical Center
CILMT Code:  11054
State Employees and TECC
CILMT Code: CS400
Federal Employees and CFC
CILMT Code: 15907
TN Board of Regents
CILMT Code: C02-054

CILMTN provides persons with disabilities opportunities to be self advocates, make their own decisions regarding living arrangements, means of transportation, employment, social and recreational activities, as well as other aspects of everyday life.

Specifically, we...

  • Teach consumers to use technological equipment and software (please inquire about loaner equipment)

  • Partner with area businesses and other agencies  to promote equal access through education and advocacy activities

  • Explain how working will impact SSI or SSDI benefits

  • Mentor in a peer to peer method

  • Inform the public of important, upcoming disability-related events      

Open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

The Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee (CILMTN) serves a multi-county area in the central portion of Tennessee. This area includes Davidson, Cheatham, Wilson, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, and Williamson Counties.

What We Do

Phone: (615) 292-5803                                                       Toll Free: (866) 992-4568

                                         ENESPANOL: (615) 515-8630                                                      Fax:  (615) 383-1176

GoBabyGo! Music City

GoBabyGo! Music City is not only our fastest growing program, but also one of the most rewarding for us to be involved in. To date, staff have organized and participated in several builds--and in doing so have provided cars to over 20 families!

Peer Support

While all CIL staff are able to provide peer support to consumers and community members, Emily Hoskins' CBTP Peer Support groups stand out as a glowing example of the difference the CIL strives to make in the lives of those we work for!

Community Outreach

The CIL is actively engaged in the community through a variety of events such as: transition fairs, local & national conferences, trainings, interviews, workshops and so much more!

Success Stories

Make a Donation

The CIL has limited funds available for consumers

in need of independent living assistance.

Email Sarah Mueller to learn more

Si desea comunicar  con una persona bilingue, (ingles/espanol) favor de marcar al 615-515-8630